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Laptop Solution


Product Specialist: Irnes Kozic, 303.350.1262, ikozic@spaceco.com



Gain desk space and ergonomic benefits with the SpaceArm Laptop Platform. The articulating monitor arm's range and flexibility reduces eye and wrist injuries, while the laptop's suspension from the work surface protects it from spills and other common mishaps.


• Security - Keep your monitors and hardware safe with anti-theft features.

• Storage - Keep monitors up and out of the way to increase workflow area.

• Organization - Easy access and alignment for multiple monitor or laptop applications.

• Ergonomic - A wide range of adjustments puts your monitor in the most ergonomic position for your needs.

• Space - Increases space efficiencies by positioning the monitor on an arm.

• Technology - As your technology needs change, so will the SpaceArm. Flexible and adaptable for the inevitable change.

• Environment - Sustainability is an inherent design feature.



• Thermo -fused polyester finish

• High pressure die - cast aluminum construction

• 5-axis position adjustment

• Conforms to VESA 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 200mm mounting patterns

• 40 degrees of tilt (20 degrees+/20 degrees – )

• 360 degree monitor rotation

• 360 degree arm rotation

• 2.5” (63.5mm) depth in the folded position

• 4” (355.6mm) of travel (7”+ (177.8mm) above the center of hub and 7” (177.80mm) – below the center of hub)

• Gas spring standard 5-16lbs. (2.67kg–7.25kg)

• Gas spring options, 2-10lbs. (.90kg–4.53kg) and 15-32lbs (6.8kg 14.51kg)

• Quick Change Mount and Direct Mount for monitor application

• Mounts available: Bolt through, C-Clamp, Large C-Clamp, Grommet, Single Resolve, Double Resolve, Race, Wall, Column, SpaceBeam 1, SpaceBeam 2, Adjustable Slat-walls and a multitude of panel system brackets.




• Recycled content of aluminum - 100%

• Recyclable aluminum after use - 100%

Cardboard Packaging:

• Recycled content - 20%

• Recyclable after use - 100%

Pulp Tray:

• Recycled content - 100%

• Recyclable after use - 100%

Plastic Packaging:

• Low-density polyethylene

• Recycled content - 30%

• Recyclable after use - 100%


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